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Anomalizer's Journal
Unintended consequences
Reporting from "Rome" 
15th-Oct-2008 12:07 am
As I had promised, I will eventually break radio silence on what I've been upto. Let us get done with the formalities first: I now hang around mkhoj. The reason for talking about it today is that I just finished a month at the new haunt. And so far, I can say that it has been worth it. What makes it worth it is all the randomness (or as some people call it: anomalies).

Since I've always had issues with well defined roles and responsibilities, and more importantly boundaries; this works out for me. I've always heard of people talk of how they feel they are able to make a significant impact on things when they are in small places. The ironical thing I've discovered is that you get to make serious impact not by what you have to do but by what you don't have to do. Let me come up with a ill formed analogy to explain this. But before we get there, a word of caution: Everything beyond this is mostly incoherent stuff.

You are a well trained carpenter. There is a 30 feet wide river that needs to be crossed. The current is very swift and the crossing looks treacherous. You have all sorts of planks, poles, saws, nails and what not at your disposal. You need to get across the river (In case you haven't figured it out by now). But you are also a zen master. Suddenly you spot a single piece of straw lying on the bank and you get an idea. If you tie up the two 55 feet poles with the straw, then you can. Stop right there! This was my idea of having a free run and solving the problem as you like exhibiting all your creativity and skill as a carpenter. The completely irrelevant answer is that the dam operator is your beer buddy and all you have to do is talk him into stopping the water for a while.

This is often glorified as out of the box thinking. Here is how I can make this entire thing extremely unpalatable (which is the exact opposite of what I am trying to do): the question is do you see a box to begin with? This is not so much to do with creativity as it has to do with fighting spirit. There is no such thing as I dunno what X is thinking, but we'll do it anyway or Personally, I'd never do it if I were you. Every time such a situation arises, you can no longer believe this is someone else's decision and we'll see what happens. Nothing is a spectator sport anymore. You are not be playing at this moment because you choose not to. And that is proving to be quite a bit of an experience; to come to terms with the fact that all existing problems exist because you personally chose not to fight those battles. And that you are limited only by how many battles you can fight which is in turn limited only by effectively you can win those battles; the fallout of which is that you then have to pick your battles. So in retrospect, all problems arise either because of your choice of battles or how you played the ones you chose.
15th-Oct-2008 03:06 pm (UTC)
wassup magax? You are a fool though.
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