Arvind Jayaprakash (anomalizer) wrote,
Arvind Jayaprakash

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Last friday, I accidentally left the phone behind at office. After a bit of panic and a few calls, I managed to locate it and picked it up the next morning. Ever since then, I've become extra sensitive to the missing bulk in my pants (the phone you pervert!). A while back, I got the feeling again and realized that it has been missing from my pocket for about 10 minutes. So I started running around looking for it. After a bit of running (and opening doors), I still could not find it. Then I was wondering why was I finding it a bit hard to open the doors. And then it dawned upon me that all the while I was talking on the phone!

I guess the unfamiliarity of phone conversations lasting longer than 30 seconds when I'm at work disoriented me. Or at least that's what I like to believe.
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