Arvind Jayaprakash (anomalizer) wrote,
Arvind Jayaprakash

Calling it quits

I've been hooked onto tribal wars for the past one month. I got so addicted and loved it so much that on Friday night, I actually bought the premium service for a month. I was high that I was playing a massively multiplayer game and also that I was paying for it (don't ask how that got me high).

Since yesterday, the game has gone so downhill for me that I realize I just cannot play such games. I intent to quit TW forever.

This is quite a natural thing for me to do. I have such tendencies in many walks of life wherein if I don't like the odds of the game; I just walk out. I am not the kind of person who will generally keep on fighting. There are very few things where I show that kind of commitment and when I do, it shows. TW is not one of them :-)
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