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On me being late to the party

I am an exceptionally slow person when it comes to catching up with things. Right from learning cycling say paying attetion to grooming or even using something like a blog; I've been years behind others. One thing I tried to resist was using twitter but I finally got on to it (beyond nominal presence).

Usually, I curse when I try out new things. Surprisingly, I am not doing this with twitter. People talk of user generated content democratizing the world. Until twitter, that just hadn't happened. Also, the six degrees of separation is now staring at my face like never before.

There is something about the way twitter has caught on. The fact that I have sense of what anyone from Werner Vogels to Gul Panag is upto never happened. Never before could I know that Werner had a bad day with Paxos or Gul just landed in BIAL. And also, this is first time I see 6 degrees of separation in action. I know someone who prepared for the IIT entrance exams with Chetan Bhagat who in turn seems to be in touch with Shashi Tharoor and Neha Dhupia.

Heck, inspired by valhenson's post, I think twitter should be the main thing outside of email to stay connected in the online world.

Update: Scott Adam's timing couldn't be more appropriate
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