Arvind Jayaprakash (anomalizer) wrote,
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TED and I

With TED coming to India, all of a sudden a whole lot of people seem to know about it. I knew what TED was almost a decade ago. And I also knew why it was so elitist and aspired to be a part of it someday. Back then, the number of people I knew who knew TED was practically zero. Even 5 years ago, that number would have been less than 10. Today, all of sudden, everybody seems to know what TED.

While this is a good thing for TED (both the speakers and its newfound audience), personally I feel betrayed that something that was so elitist that I knew and most people didn't know has become a lot more commonplace. This is akin to me knowing Deepika Padukone some 2 years before her debut in Bollywood or google back in early 1999.

How do you react when you see the possibility of mass popularity of something when it is relatively obscure and then it does indeed become commonplace?
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