Arvind Jayaprakash (anomalizer) wrote,
Arvind Jayaprakash

Retention and worthiness

Hello world. Long time, no pseudo-intellectual stuff. So here it goes!

Gautama the Buddha said desire is the root cause of all sorrow. While most of us would agree, we still do not change our ways. And nothing is wrong with that actually. Much of the trouble comes with the difference that exists between what we wish for and what we have.

I now believe everything that everyone has, has come through exactly one of two ways: either by inheritance or by worthiness. Worthiness is something that I use to describe working towards achieving something in the right way and to the right extent. I shall refrain from elucidating on righteousness or even what qualifies as right. Everything else qualifies as inheritance. Right from the literal meaning of inheritance, I mean everything like winning a lottery, stealing from someone, getting an undeserved opportunity, to even something you are on your way to become worthy of but aren't quite there as yet.

The trouble with inheritance is the ability to retain what you have inherited. If you were not worthy of something but just inherited it, then by definition, you lack what it takes to get it in the first place. Chances are, you will not know what it takes to keep it either. There are enough and more illustrations of this axiom. Most lottery winners usually go back to their old standard of living say within 5 years of winning the money. Founder CEOs of even moderately successful companies don't get to keep their job beyond a certain point (though they may be permitted to keep the title for much longer periods of time). Marriages between incompatible people don't last forever.

The one thing that people tend to overestimate is what it takes to actually get something that you aspire for even when you are not worth it. Should you inherit something, one can always work towards becoming worthy of it before it is too late. Or else, sooner or later, you are going to lose it. And then it will cause you all the more sorrow. There really is no solution to this, for you can undeservedly get something even when you are not pursuing it. The only option I see is to always have you feet on the ground have the ability to genuinely assess where you stand with regards to the worthiness of everything you have or shall have in life. Then you either work rapidly towards bridging the disparity or come to terms with having to forfeit it at some point in the future.
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