Arvind Jayaprakash (anomalizer) wrote,
Arvind Jayaprakash

Keep trying

Today has been a day where I have seen why perseverance does make a difference.

First off, I've been wanting to buy a basic but decent set of speakers for my PC since I the last time I had speakers was when headphones had far better quality and I had never looked back. As I was driving past e-zone, I noticed that there were a few vacant parking spots and decided to stop by. I managed to find a 2.1 speaker set that I liked since it seemed to have provision for attached a headphone that would automatically mute the speakers. It does mean a lot of convenience since I don't have unplug the speakers for those occasions when I need to use a headphone. The sales guy didn't know all the tech specs and so I decided to help myself by hunting down the package and reading the details on it. On the face of it, the speakers looked expensive at 2690. I sort of started cribbing saying that the MRP was 2695 and the price was unreasonable. On further investigation, it turned out that it was actually selling at 1650!

Just before I reached home, I wanted to stop by Ranga Shankara and see if by some freak chance they had the tickets for today's show. The even bigger challenge tends to be finding a place to park the car. And by some chance, not only did I manage to find a place to park the car, I also managed to pick up a ticket for myself and while at it, also call up home and ask it someone is interested.

Once I'd hooked up my new speakers, I started hunting down the audio CD of my French course that I had not managed to find ever since I had resumed the classes. And find it, I did.

Lastly, I'd given up on my desktop mouse since it was not responding and have been using a small and rather painful laptop mouse along with my desktop. Some tinkering with the connection and voila! the good old desktop mouse started working again.

In effect, all that I was reminded of today is how not to give on something because of past failures (also known as don't learn from your so called mistakes/experiences) and just keep trying. Just because something has not worked enough and more times in the past does not mean it won't work ever again.
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