Arvind Jayaprakash (anomalizer) wrote,
Arvind Jayaprakash

Love-hate relationship with the french class

Now that it has been a month of no French class, I find my weekend life to be boring. No amount of gym or F1 seems to make up for the loss. The only closest contender is cooking. And yet, it does not seem to make up for the void. Doing anything remotely related to work doesn't sound attractive (anymore) either since it takes up more than its fair share during weekdays and am finally moving to a state where I am searching for other avenues of keeping myself gladly occupied.

When the classes were on, I ended up cursing it a bit since it takes away so much of time and even the bare minimum attention that I used to give it seemed like a lot. Now that it is gone, I am grieving its loss. This happens to be one of those commitments in life where I can arbitrarily back off or resume. Makes me wonder if I had this sort of a luxury with other things, what would life look like.
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