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Anomalizer's Journal
Unintended consequences
Purist at a cabaret 
22nd-Mar-2010 11:23 pm
Apologies to all my Indian friends who are expecting something lewd after seeing the word cabaret. While the word is loosely associated with a strip club in this country, it turns out that the original English usage is far more work (and child) safe. The correct meaning is any sort of a live performance, especially in a set up where food and drinks are served. So, the romantic jazz group or a quartet in a restaurant would qualify as a cabaret. In fact, I stumbled upon the correct usage in my French coursework.

Now that the air has been cleared around the word, you have been sufficiently disappointed and I have made my obligatory connection to the French class, let us get down to the crux of the post. It so happens that I've ended up watching plays in the cabaret format. In fact, it has been the same troupe on both occasions. The first set up was a semi open air stage very close the road. The second one happened to be more of a proper dining arrangement.

The unfortunate news is that as someone who is into watching plays in a theatre as opposed to a restaurant, it hurts my senses to watch it any other way. I believe that some of the people closely associated with the aforementioned troupe will surely stumble upon this article. To them, I earnestly want to say that is opinion is not a reflection of the work you folks do. You people do a good job. I understand the reasons why you are having to start off in this format and hopefully some day you will be able to do it in the proper way. But I'd enjoy a play any day in a theatre, not as a cabaret. Every troupe deserves better. Even the casual audience will be able to enjoy and appreciate this art form in a far more positive manner when done in the traditional set up. Any other way is an injustice both to the troupe and the art form.
22nd-Mar-2010 06:45 pm (UTC) - I agree!
Dinner theatre is so disrespectful of the performers!
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