Arvind Jayaprakash (anomalizer) wrote,
Arvind Jayaprakash

2 states: After thoughts

On the face of it, 2 states promises to be a fairly commonplace Bollywood movie story line with a predictable ending. The one thing that the storyline makes patently obvious the unrelenting endurance of two people who really want believe in each other have. While at it, the plot also seems to address two admirable thoughts. The first and obvious one from the title is one of breaking down mental barriers around regionalism. Given that hormones inherently assist in making one (or to be precise two people) make the leap over the artificial chasm that we've built in this world, it isn't a hard thought to live up to.

Anyone who has closely witnessed what gets touted as inter-caste marriage, knows how excruciating the whole act can be. As the back cover of the book reads, in our country our idea of a happy marriage is everybody likes or at least accepts everybody else i.e. boy likes girl, girl likes boy, girl's parents like boy, boy's parents like girl, the girl's parents like boy's parents, boy's parents like the girl's parents, boy likes girl's parents, girl likes boy's parents. That is a lot of "likes"! Hitting even a 50% acceptance rate would qualify as a Herculean task. Very rarely does such a high level (of 50%) ever get met. For as long as the 2 core liking loving is strong enough, things happen. This was what movies from times before I went to school were made of.

Sincerely as the two may try, getting to even the 70% mark, let alone 100% is practically improbable. And yet, the female protagonist is dreamy enough to insist that nothing short of 100% will be deemed acceptable and how eloping is not the way to go. Therein lies a thought that I find admirable for it is incredibly burdensome. One can choose inertia and do everything as has be done for centuries or one can abandon it all with a highly individualistic attitude and in this context, deem everyone expect the two people as outsiders and disregard it's opinion on the private affairs of the 2 souls. The story of course, goes on where the whole thing is pulled off (hence the predictable ending).

In trying to make two worlds blend lies a non obligatory sensitivity that only the obsessed can achieve and therein lies something that I genuinely admire.

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