Arvind Jayaprakash (anomalizer) wrote,
Arvind Jayaprakash

Change or awareness?

The world as we know of today seems to be an anomaly. Yes, I am using the word that I so sparingly use to describe things. A lot of power structures are being challenged by the increased flow of information. And my increased flow, I mean everything from people's mobility, hundreds of TV channels, the internet and everything else.

A direct consequence of this is that a lot of power structures are being challenged. First off there are the obvious ones like religion finding it hard to inculcate morality & say governments finding it hard to shield people from alternate versions of "reality". Then there are more intricate ones like farmers in the hinterland having access to retail prices of their crop, patients having quick access to side effects of a new drug to following the daily life of someone far away.

Now this obviously upsets a whole bunch of people who enjoy a "position of power" which keeps getting challenged ever so often. The news these days seems to have higher incidence of such conflicts such as establishments frowning upon "inappropriate attire" for "working women" in so called developed worlds and democracies, governments refusing to permit movement of communications they are unable to inspect effortlessly, friendly neighbourhood upholders of moral values (in many countries) forbidding various forms of marriages for reasons ranging from same sex to same gothra, organic food v/s genetically modified crop, etc. etc.

What is not obvious is if we were going through a period of wanton randomness and there is an increased attempt to curb it or if it is just access to all the more information that is increasing our awareness of such conflict. Thoughts?
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