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About the Looking for and the Finding of Love

No no, I am not here to preach about love. Maybe someday I shall when I am better positioned to do so but not now. This is about a German film titled Vom Suchen und Finden der Liebe that I just saw. There are some spoliers, and if that bothers you, move on.

My exposure to non-British western European cinema is limited and so I found this be a very different kind of genre. It is what I would call as serious comedy that is entwined with fantasy. The comedy films that we are exposed to is usually full of slapstick humour. The emotions are subdued and mostly certainly there is no laughter track.

At the outset, it tries to address the notion of captivating love wherein people go through cycles of not being able to bear each other and wanting to breakup except that it is so uncomfortable that something pulls them back together and the cycle repeats. The usage of fantasy and afterlife is more of an artistic expression rather than plain entertainment. However, throughout the story, humour is used in small ways all along and that humour is something that comes through even though you might be limited with subtitles. I guess the reason is that the humour does not have to do with clever sentence construction but rather to do with just the way the turn of events unfolds.

There were a couple of philosophical dialogues that sort of got my attention and I wanted to remember but sleep is getting the better of me. I'd conclude by saying that if you have a couple of hours to spare and you want to watch what would be an unconventional but interesting movie (at least for the average Indian viewer like me), then do try this film.

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