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(A)typical drive back home

This happens to be one of those occasional posts about people on the road. Nothing particuarly different exepct that I choose to make a big issue out of it today.

It happened to be one of those days when it rained and the roads had become narrower due to water stagnation and of course a very slippery surface.

This is the when I am most paranoid for two reasons. People are in a hurry since they were eld up because of the rains and the large number of people who do not have an idea of braking distance on a wet surface

So here I was tailgating a bus in a narrow line until we hit a signal. Surprisingly at 9:30 pm, the bus driver chose to honour the newly installed signal. The car that happened to be tailgaing me (everyone tailgates in such conditions) was not impressed. He chose to convey his emotion using the universal form of inter vehicle ocmmunication: the horn. I was unimpressed and looked into my mirror to catch a glimpse of the rather impatient driver. He happened to be staring into my mirror, our eyes met and I gave a disapproving stare. He did not seem to mind (maybe was slightly inebirated) and a moment later did something totally unexpected. He turned behind, there happened to be a girl in the back seat, he pulls her hand and starts kissing her. Havent seen that before at a signal in this country.

Anyway a few kilometers later, at a wide albeit curved section of the road, there were these folks on 2 two-wheelers who seemed to be engrosed in a deep conversation, a conversation so deep that they could afford to look straight ahead at all. And yes, that section of the road as no divider to separate the traffic in the opposite direction and one always find reckless truck/bus drivers in that part of the road. After "stongly" conveying my emotion the standard way, I got them to look behind (no, I could never get them to look ahead) and got past them. A routine act expect for the fact that when the road is treacherous, such things are far more risker.

Barely had I crossed this trio that I found another excellent form of biped carbon life on his two wheeler. He was completely absorbed in searching for something, something in his search pocket. I got the feeling he was twiddling with his phone without pulling it out. He seemed to dedicated to realize *anything*. Nothing would make his take his eyes off his pocket. I would really be surprised if that creature is still alive.

At the next signal, the most normal thing happened expect that it was more normal than usual. A buch of auto ricsaws and the killer(literally) SUVs felt a moral obligation to act in the full capacity to drive on the wrong side of the road, jump signals and forge their way though the stream of traffic in the opposite direction. In about 15 seconds after they attained victory, the lights went green and I decided to move but my fellow road users on the other side decided to behave in a manner befitting them and decided to express their good faith by doing what the folks on my side did a little while ago. Once the disputes were settled in an honourable fashion, I carried on.

At what would have been a very busy junction during rush hour in Jayanagar, a couple of vehicles came to an abrupt halt. Then they moved on. As i lurched forward, I had to come to an abrupt halt myself. There was a man running right in front of my car from nowhere. He seemed to have a accomplice who seemed to be trying simialr stuff. His accomplice did catch my attention. He happened to be running around in briefs. His shirt and pant very lying right in the middle of the intersection and these guys were randomly running at all vehicles approaching the spot. Now that is something that I have never seen before.

The story ends at the last light wirh another SUV. The SUV driver suddenly believes he is driving a two wheeler and decides to shift to the next lane. Little does he realise that 2 feet clearance in the front does not suffice his requirements. The result: An SUV brilliantly stopped at 45° to the road.

Anyway, I reached home without being a part of any incident.

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