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Today I ran into ESI. For a couple of years, I've been saying we need something like this. The most obvious case is when we have static web page with one ad. This page cannot be served using a HTTP accelerator since there is one small dynamic piece in an otherwise static page. With ESI, it is now possible to cache the "static" part and then stitch a new ad on every request.

At this point, I haven't found how old ESI is, but it has great potential. The best part is that varnish supports it in some fashion. Go PHK!


It has been a long time since I wrote something substantial. Today I felt the urge to write something for the joy of writing. And write I shall without ranting. In fact, what better topic than how to beat the stress and relax. So here are some obvious and some surprising things that seem to work for me.

For a long time, doktortong & karthikdinakar have been suggesting that I need to go to a gym. It so happens that everytime I go there in the evenings, I'm convinced that it makes me too tired for a workday. The surprising part is that even if I do go at mornings on workdays, it still turns out to be ok. If anything, it does seem to have a visibly calming effect on me. Yet, I am still finding it hard to reach my initial levels of 3 trips a week.

Watching brain numbing programmes on the idiot box has been another therapy that has served me well over the years. WWE used to be a prime candidate at some point. Pimp my ride was another example. These days I've been rewarded with the mother of all such serials in form of Rakhi Sawant ka swayamvar. This masterpiece most certainly deserves a writeup of it's own but that is for another day.

Then there is the time tested technique of talking it out(pardon the alliteration). If something is bothering you, just find a patient listener and pour it all out. It still works to this day. And I'm talking of real listeners; not the 1000 twitter followers you bought for $87.

A solitary walk on a cloudy and windy day where there is hardly any vehicular movement around is a surreal experience.

Writing would have made it to the list but for the fact that there seems to be set notion of having conclusion to anything you write. I've always found it very hard since my schooling days to come up with a meaningful conclusion of any essay and to this day, I face that difficulty. Barring that minor inconvenience caused by tradition, writing would also qualify in the list. And as sign of protest and in a quest to remain relaxed, I shall end this piece without a proper conclusion.
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The trouble with mathematical induction

Somebody pointed this out the tyranny of induction to me recently. It goes like this: If you failed the first time, have been trying since then and, kept failing every time you tried after just failing, you will fail the next time you try.

In plain speak, if you haven't ever succeeded at something as yet, there is no reason to believe you will ever succeed at it. How encouraging!
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Addressbook syncing is rocket science

I never imagined why someone would pay a hundred rupees to copy over your mobile phone contacts until I actually tried it. My old SE K600i supports "send all contacts" over bluetooth. I tried that and the new E63 just picks up the first entry. Kmobiletools was completely unable to write back the the address book of the E63; so the VCF import it had generated from K600i was useless. Finally I had get down to running Nokia's PC sync software on my laptop to only realize it does not accept vcf files directly. The vcf file needs ot be imported into Outlook or its ilk and the sync happens from there. That's when I saw Vista's "Windows contacts" ask me something to the effect of "are you sure" for every contact when i gave it a VCF file. It all came down to me writing a trivial vcf splitter in perl and generating one conatct per file and then mass importing those files into Vista's contacts and then performing a sync.

And before you wonder, cool business phones don't read contacts on the phone SIM; so the desparate trick of "copy all contacts to SIM" was also not an option.

If it takes someone who works for a mobile phone app related compant this hard to get contact transfers right, I see why it is actually a paid service.
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10K celebrations

Why hasn't anyone come up with the idea of celebrating their 10,000 days of existance on this planet. It roughly falls in the 5th month of the 28th year. And you need to be moderately good at arithmetic to figure out when exactly it occurs. And no, my turn is not on today.

What v/s how

These days, I find myself increasingly thinking like when I am dream. Multiple unrelated elements in this world seem to randomly come together in a single stream of thought. More on this later.

One set of emotions that I've recently seen a lot of people battling with (myself included) is the one of regret, remorse, futility etc. etc. These are things that makes a people believe they are going through a rough patch in life, nothing is working out and so on. Trouble starts when you are not able to break out of this state in reasonable time. As Buddha said, desire is the root cause of all sorrows. Normal people cannot renounce worldly desires and yet need a way to remain generally happy.

I tried breaking down this desire thing into two parts to narrow down the sources of grief. Usually, we start out with the idea of what we want. At some point, we also envision how it will happen. Over time, we tend to forget what is it that we originally wanted and instead get hung up how we want it. And when things don't happen the way (how) we wanted it, all sorts of disappointments starts creeping in. The quicker we can recollect what is it that we wanted and start working on a new way of making it happen, the better it is. If I were a Robin Sharma, I think could have turned this into some sort of a 200 page that helps people with moving on.

And now going back why I said I see random things coming together. A few months earlier, I read a book titled built to last. It talks of companies that have lived over say 70 years and been increasingly successful over that period managed to achieve it. The book says people need to have a very clear idea of what is it that they want to do which should not include elements of how to do it. Once that is in place, it is also important to have a very clear idea of how to do it. The thing paramount importance is that the what is indispensable but the how is not only dispensable but over time will also have to be completely redone.

The relation between what the book had to say on companies and what I had to say on emotions struck me when I was just about to get started with writing this. And the first half was something that I conjured up in just a few minutes after reading a random blog post.
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Play boi!

I seem to be going to one too many plays of late. In the past 8 days, I've been to 4 shows. And the number for the past 4 weeks stands at 6 shows. Part of it can be attributed to the proximity of Ranga Shankara to my home but then again, it has always been where it is and I've always been where I was. And one of these shows was more of a presentation by students of an acting class held elsewhere.

Of notable interest was Harami Theatre's renowed Butter and mashed bananas. But the troupe that really blew me away was perch. Both their plays "Sangati Arinya" and "Moonshine and Skytoffee" were phenomenal. Never have I seen such effective use of lighting and such wonderful expressions of the performers. The usage of props as surrogates for the real objects was also effective. I'm really glad that I managed to pull out time to see both these performances.

At this point, I'd strongly recommend the following troupes: Evam, Harami, Kriyative & Perch. Random useless factoid: two of the above are from Bangalore and two from Chennai.
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I'm a VIP

Let home at 10:35
Reached polloing station to see that my room is completely empty. I mean, not a single voter
Reached office by 11:05
Today's quota of walking is done
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Too crowded a constituency

It so happens, I now get to vote for Bangalore South. Last time around, it was Kanakapura but thanks to the new delimitation exercise, I get to be part of a more urban consituency. This time around, it is way too crowded.

First off, we have Ananth Kumar who in the past has set records of winning by the largest margin from this very constituency. Then we have Krishna Byre Gowda who seems to be popular himself and also a party that seems to be popular in this part of the world. Then we have the unequivocal Vatal Nagaraj trying to make a break in central politics. And of course, there is a the man whom many a party tried to voo but failed, Capt. Gopinath, who in the end chose to ride it out by himself.

These are all people who would have won in their own right but somehow everyone seemed to have landed in the same place. And the best part is I get to distort these numbers.

If you are are interested in finding more information about your consituency, try this site:
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